Continued Progress with K4Health Toolkits

K4Health Highlights

Elizabeth Tully

CCP | Program Officer

Throughout the Summer and now into Fall, more and more toolkits are displaying in the redesigned K4Health Toolkit Application, and the variety of colors and photos from toolkit to toolkit are fantastic!

With the number of toolkits in the new design increasing by the day, we are excited to roll out the new Toolkits Home page that includes:

  • A Featured Toolkits section that highlights new,  recently updated, or  particularly topical toolkits
  • A stream of the most recently add items across all public toolkits
  • The option to view all toolkits by alphabetical order
  • Links to the overarching toolkit topics, which navigate a user to a listing of all toolkits that fit into that topic
  • A mechanism for users in developing countries to order toolkits on CD-Rom
  • A block where a user can cycle through the logos of all organizations that have collaborated on toolkits

Also from the Toolkits Home page, users can access the Toolkits-specific navigation – in some instances they are an alternate way to access some of the features listed above. 

  • The All Toolkits section lists all toolkits in alphabetical order.
  • Browse Resources allows users to peruse through all of the resources throughout all of the toolkits and can be filtered by language, year of publication, or authoring organization.
  • The Collaborating Organizations section displays all of the logos of the organizations involved in building toolkits on K4Health.
  • About Toolkits includes general information on what toolkits are and the types of toolkits we host on our site.
  • Finally, the Support & Training page provides information for individuals or organizations interested in building their own toolkit on K4Health.

Continue to check-in with our Toolkits Home page to stay up-to-date with our newly launched toolkits and recently added resources. If you would like to learn more about the main features and how to navigate through toolkits, please watch this toolkit orientation video.