On Connecting with People You’ve Never Met

Elizabeth Tully

CCP | Program Officer
Fatouma Nina Koné, a Family Planning Youth Ambassador from Burkina Faso, was recently featured on FP Voices.

Fatouma Nina Koné, a Family Planning Youth Ambassador from Burkina Faso, was recently featured on FP Voices.

In my role on the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project, I work on a number of initiatives and activities, all from my cozy home office in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Over the last few years, between pregnancies, breastfeeding, and caring for two small children, I’ve stayed close to home. At the same time, I’ve watched my colleagues travel the world, interviewing family planning policy makers, implementers, service providers, and clients for Family Planning Voices, the global storytelling initiative we lead in partnership with Family Planning 2020. I get the opportunity to review all of our stories, schedule them for publication, and post them to our photo blog and social media sites. But I share something in common with our readers: I have never met most of the individuals whose stories I shepherd through the publication process, and I probably never will.

I’ve recently been exploring new ways to help our readers connect with the people who tell their stories through FP Voices. In the process, I’ve felt my connection to individuals in the global family planning community grow stronger. For example, I produced a video featuring Ethel Chavula from Malawi. Hearing her voice, looking at her photos, and thinking about her message, I felt like I knew her. I was excited for her work championing family planning in her country.

The FP Voices team is pleased to share three videos, each less than a minute long, that pair audio clips from interviews with portraits, Photoshare photos, and simple data visualizations. We hope these new videos, and those to come, help strengthen connections among the incredible people working in or benefiting from family planning around the world.

We created these videos for those of you advocating for, communicating about, presenting on, and making the case for investments in family planning. We encourage you to watch these videos, share them on social media, show them to decision makers, and screen them at your meetings. Most importantly, let us know what other kinds of videos and multimedia content you’d like to see from FP Voices!

Murtala Mai on Meeting Young People’s Family Planning Needs: More than 25% of the world's population is younger than 15. In this video, Murtala Mai of the Evidence to Action Project discusses the need to focus on young people and ensure that their needs are met in terms of family planning.

Ethel Chavula on Increasing Malawi’s Contraceptive Budget Line: Advocacy is essential to reaching the Family Planning 2020 goal of delivering contraceptives, information, and services to an additional 120 million women of reproductive age worldwide by the year 2020. In this video, Ethel Chavula of Jesus Cares Ministries shares two advocacy successes in Malawi.

Angela Mutunga on Her Inspiration for Family Planning Advocacy: Her Mother: In this promotional video for Family Planning Voices, Angela Mutunga acknowledges that despite the progress we’ve made, there is much more work to be done when it comes to improving access to family planning.