AFTER the Development of a Costed Implementation Plan: The Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit

Sarah Fohl

(Formerly) CCP | Program Officer II
Costed Implementation Plans: Strengthening investments in family planning

Many countries have already made important commitments and set ambitious family planning goals to improve the health and lives of women, their families, and communities through the development and implementation of Comprehensive Costed Implementation Plans (CIPs).

CIPs can support governments to prioritize family planning interventions; detail key activities and outline a roadmap for implementation; estimate the impacts of interventions; project costs and identify gaps; and unify stakeholders around one focused family planning strategy. For countries that already have a CIP in place (all Ouagadougou Partnership member countries, for example) or those that are gearing up for midterm evaluations or to renew their Action Plans (like Burkina Faso), the Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit is also a useful tool for monitoring the performance of activities and planning for continued resource mobilization, including financial gap analysis.

As family planning access and demand increase in countries with CIPs, so do favorable political and economic environments. Evaluating financial and technical inputs alongside activity impact is essential to keeping pace with expanded interest in family planning and reaching potential users. The Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit provides support to ensure continual stakeholder engagement and ongoing advocacy efforts. It is available in French and English

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