June 2018 Course: Knowledge Application, Continuous Learning, and Adaptation

Simone Parrish

CCP | Global Repository Director

From June 19-21, 2018, K4Health Director Tara Sullivan and USAID LEARN Chief of Party Piers Bocock will once again offer their course, "Improving Global Public Health Through Knowledge Application, Continuous Learning, and Adaptation." It is offered through the Summer Institute of the Health, Behavior, and Society Department of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH).

Register by May 31 for this and other courses (JHSPH students may register on the JHSPH website; all others, please register at the general Johns Hopkins student information system, choosing "Summer Institute in Health Behavior and Society" from the dropdown menu), or download the course flyer.

KM Course: Education with Grandfather

Children read a book together with their grandfather in Howrah, India. © 2015 Krishnasis Ghosh, Courtesy of Photoshare

This acclaimed three-day in-person course has earned "Excellence in Teaching" awards for both instructors, and uses participatory approaches to:

  • Define knowledge management (KM) and related principles,
  • Explain the challenges to implementing KM programs, and
  • Help determine the best KM approaches for real-life public health programs.

Class will be held at the Johns Hopkins University's Advanced Academic Programs facility at 1717 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036 (less than three blocks from the Dupont Circle metro station's south exit).  



Hello Simone, Can you please confirm if this course is going to be taught online?

Hello Nasiru--

Thanks for your interest! This is an in-person course. I'll edit my post to make that clear.



Can you confirm if the class name changed? I just want to make sure I registered for the correct course!! I think the number was the same, but is it now called something with "LMIC" in the title? Thanks!


As far as I know, the class name has not changed--but this is not the first time the course has been offered, and previous iterations definitely had "LMICs" in the title (for "lower- and middle-income countries.") It would not surprise me if the confirmation information has an old title. I will see if I can find additional information for you, but I don't think you have anything to worry about. Thanks for your interest!


Do I need to be a student to sign up for this class? and what is the cost of attending the class?

Hi Ella,

You do not need to be a student. The price depends on whether or not you take the course for academic credit.

2018 Academic Credit Tuition Rate: $1,128 per credit (course total: $3,384)
2018 Non-Credit Tuition Rate: $564 per credit (course total: $1,692)
Johns Hopkins employees can use their tuition remission benefit to cover the cost, with agreement from their supervisor.