Vera Halpern, MD

FHI 360 | Director, Medical Research, Clinical Research Portfolio on Injectables, Contraceptive Technology Innovation

Vera Halpern, MD, oversees FHI 360’s clinical research portfolio on injectable contraceptives. The multi-million dollar portfolio includes research on new formulations as well as refinements to currently marketed products with the end goal of expanding the contraceptive method mix while improving both clinical performance and acceptability of hormonal injectables.

Dr. Halpern started her career at FHI 360 in 1997 as a research fellow, taking leave from her work as both a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist and clinical researcher in St. Petersburg, Russia. For the next 13 years, Dr. Halpern served as a medical scientist in FHI 360’s Clinical Sciences department where she contributed to numerous clinical research studies, including serving as project leader for a multi-center Phase III microbicide trial in Nigeria. A frequent presenter at scientific conferences, she has also published extensively in peer-review journals and authored several Cochrane reviews. In 2011, she was named director of the Longer-Acting Injectables project, a 5-year research award funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The project goal was to evaluate innovative approaches to develop an injectable contraceptive that would last six months—twice as long as those currently marketed. She assumed her current role in 2016.