Deo Ng’wanansabi

Tanzania Communication and Development Center (TCDC) | Executive Director

Mr. Deo Ng’wanansabi of Tanzania has his MBA from East and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI) and MEd from Manchester University. He is currently the Executive Director of a local NGO, Tanzania Communication and Development Center (TCDC). TCDC is CCP’s sister organization, implementing and supporting social and behavior change communication through a community outreach component for the Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project.

The eldest of a family of seven children, Deo is a strong advocate for male involvement in family planning, His parents had to struggle to raise seven children, and giving them all proper education was very challenging. The experience taught him the importance of family planning. Deo is married with three children, well spaced, with 4 and 10 years between them. His siblings also have fewer, well-spaced children.