David Johnson

Margaret Pyke Trust, with the Population & Sustainability Network | Chief Executive

David Johnson is the Chief Executive of the Margaret Pyke Trust, the UK NGO which coordinates the Population & Sustainability Network, and which is implementing a South African PHE project with Pathfinder International and the Endangered Wildlife Trust. David has a background in environmental and planning law. Prior to taking up his position with the Trust he spent eight years in South Africa, during which time he consulted for both reproductive health and conservation NGOs, and qualified as a Game Ranger (what’s often colloquially called a Game Ranger). The Population & Sustainability Network is a global alliance, promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights as a critical element of sustainable development. It was launched as a Partnership for Sustainable Development under the UN Commission for Sustainable Development in 2004. The 21 current members of the Network include many organisations present at the Symposium including Blue Ventures, Conservation Through Public Health, DSW, Pathfinder International, PHE Ethiopia Consortium and the Population Reference Bureau. A key strategic priority for the Margaret Pyke Trust and Population & Sustainability Network is the promotion of PHE to those outside the reproductive sector.