David Alexander

CCP | Photoshare Manager

David Alexander is a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience in managing, developing, and marketing online image collections. His skills include a command of digital asset and website management, product development, best practices in editorial and development photography, informed consent, and fair use as well as traditional and digital photographic processes. David has attended and conducted workshops and training sessions on informed consent and fair use, photo tips, digital imaging, and Photoshop.

After becoming a permanent Photoshare staff member in 2003, David took the lead in launching the first Photoshare Photo Contest and Awards. David is responsible for project oversight and management; including product development, marketing, and policy development for screening and processing of international requests, photo acquisitions, and technical support to Photoshare users and photo contributors. David also serves as the project staff photographer, and is a tireless champion of the effectiveness of editorial photography as a communication tool.