Becky Wilkes

MEASURE Evaluation, Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | GIS Technician

Becky has worked as a member of the spatial analysis team for the USAID-funded MEASURE Evaluation project since 2007.  Her background is in cartography and GIS (geographic information systems), and she holds a Master of Science degree in Geography from Florida State University. Her duties on the MEASURE Evaluation project have ranged from managing spatial datasets and designing maps to providing technical assistance in the collection of GPS (global position system) data.  She has written and co-authored a number of tutorials, white papers, posters, and instructional handouts on various types of mapping software and public health data systems.  Becky has also co-authored two different eLearning courses:  “Geographic Approaches to Global Health” (2011) and “GIS Techniques for M&E of HIV/AIDS and Related Programs” (2014).