July 2019

  • Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives

    Ashley Jackson

    PSI | EECO Project Deputy Director

    Kendal Danna

    PSI | Technical Advisor, Reproductive Health

    “At first I was afraid to have something inside of my uterus, but now my period is regular again and I feel healthier.” – satisfied IUS client, Honorina (age 27). (c) PSI/Shayla Durrett

    This piece was originally published on PSI's blog, Impact.

    As a young woman in Madagascar studying to become a seamstress, Honorina didn’t want the stress of worrying about unintended pregnancy. She was already well aware of the complex choices women face to manage their reproductive health; many methods she had used before didn’t align with her personal preferences for family planning. She had tried the traditional rhythm method but worried that it didn’t provide enough protection. She had tried injectables but found it too inconvenient to visit the clinic every three months for another dose. Then, looking for effectiveness and convenience, Honorina tried the implant, but she found it difficult to manage the irregular spotting she experienced. None of these methods quite aligned with her needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

  • Contraceptive Security

    David Olson

    Olson Global Communications | Principal
    Madame Togo Kadiatou Mallé

    Madame Togo Kadiatou Mallé, president of Muso Yiriwa Ton. Photo: David J. Olson

    The first five times the sales manager of Keneya Jemu Kan came looking for Madame Togo Kadiatou Mallé to talk about her women’s association selling condoms and other health products, she ran away and hid, so terrified was she of the prospect of having to work with condoms.

    But the sales manager’s persistence paid off. Eventually, they talked, and Madame Togo has become such an enthusiastic condom promoter, she is known as Mama Condom. She laughs about her fear of condoms.