January 2019

  • Contraceptive Technology Innovation

    Danielle Harris

    WCG Cares | Program Manager

    Ashley Jackson

    PSI | EECO Project Deputy Director
    EECO female condom shopkeeper

    PSI/Gareth Bentley

    This post originally appeared on the PSI Impact blog.

    Clara took a chance and bought 15 units of Whisper, a new female condom, to sell in her small shop in the fast-growing city of Mzuzu, Malawi. She was willing to test demand for the product in hopes of helping women in her community while also boosting her business.

    “I became a single mother myself before I was ready to have a child,” Clara explains. “I wish there were more options for women to protect themselves.”

    Clara learned about the Whisper Woman’s Condom from Kitty, a medical detailer who visited the shop. Kitty described how the product was different from earlier generations of the female condom, with new features designed to make it easy and comfortable to use. Female condoms like Whisper are the only woman-controlled method that provides triple protection against unintended pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).