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  • Will Diaphragms Make a Comeback?

    Alexandra Angel, Ashley Jackson | July 25, 2019
    This piece was originally published on PSI's blog, Impact. “How can I, as a medical professional, speak with confidence to clients if I am scared of the product myself?” In Niamey, Niger, on the edge of the Sahara Desert, a room of community health workers hushed as Mariam* began her story. “ Read More
  • In Guatemala, Young Artists Promote Social Justice and Better Health Policies

    Marlyn Marín | July 22, 2019
    Many children and adolescents in Guatemala work in odd jobs and face difficulties in accessing health services, nutrition, education, and economic opportunities, and they dream of improving their living conditions. In 2016, Guatemalan civil society networks supported by the U.S. Agency for Read More
  • Finding Her Contraceptive Match

    Ashley Jackson, Kendal Danna | July 11, 2019
    This piece was originally published on PSI's blog, Impact. As a young woman in Madagascar studying to become a seamstress, Honorina didn’t want the stress of worrying about unintended pregnancy. She was already well aware of the complex choices women face to manage their reproductive health; Read More