Joint Statements from FIGO/ICM on Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage

ICM and FIGO have jointly released 3 statements about PPH prevention:
1. A 1-page statement that active management of the third stage of labour is proven to reduce the incidence of postpartum haemorrhage, the quantity of blood loss, and the use of blood transfusion. AMTSL should be offered to women since it reduces the incidence of postpartum haemorrhage due to uterine atony. FIGO/ICM will promote active management of the third stage of labour and take action to prevent postpartum haemorrhage.
2. a 2-page statement (2003) detailing the importance of AMTSL to prevent PPH, as well as how to provide AMTSL
3. a 4-page statement in 2006 on the new advances for PPH prevention and treatment in low resource settings

International Federation of Gynecology & Obstetrics (FIGO),ICM