Using the Essential Nutrition Actions to Improve the Nutrition of Women and Children in Ethiopia, Including Under Situations of Emergencies and HIV and AIDS

This Trainer’s Guide is intended to equip senior health instructors and planners in Ethiopia with the basic theory and technical update to design and implement the Essential Nutrition Actions (ENA) approach, or to train others to do so. A set of Lecture Notes on the Essential Nutrition Actions approach is also being developed, with USAID funding through the Carter Center, to accompany this Trainer’s Guide with more detailed information on ENA.

The course is organized around different technical themes, which include malnutrition concepts and consequences, introduction to the ENA approach, infant and young child feeding, micronutrients, women’s nutrition, contact points for ENA, behavior change communication, and monitoring and evaluation. For each technical theme, a detailed course plan is presented which includes objectives, time schedule, list of materials needed, PowerPoint presentations, handouts and reference documents. A pre-test and a post-test have also been included, as have ‘key questions and answers’ to be asked at the end of each thematic session. Plenary and group exercises are also described in full, and have been included to make the course participatory and interesting. It is intended that the basic reference documents should be provided to participants in hard copies, including all PowerPoint presentations.

AED/ LINKGAGES,Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative