Latest Change: K4Health Toolkits

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Simone Parrish

JHU∙CCP | Global Repository Director

This is the fourth in a series of posts about changes to K4Health's web products portfolio (here’s Part 1 from December, Part 2 from March, and Part 3 from April).

The newest change in the grand scheme of changes to K4Health's web products portfolio is up. The revised Toolkits application has had its first road test with the mHealth Toolkit, which went live on Thursday.

The Toolkits system is a knowledge management tool for groups and organizations in the public health sphere, allowing them to effectively present and curate a collection of resources online. The biggest differences between the new Toolkits system and the previous version are:

  • A modern, engaging design, in line with the changes that have already happened on the K4Health blog and main website;
  • A more versatile mobile-friendly interface (which is of growing importance, since mobile technologies are growing much faster than fixed-point Internet access, expecially in developing countries); and
  • Improved editing options and (coming soon) analytics options for Toolkit managers.

The mHealth Toolkit is the first out of more than 50 published toolkits to be migrated into the new system, and early feedback has been very positive. Other toolkits will be migrated gradually over the coming weeks, and we'll continue to polish things as we go along.

If you'd like to send feedback or have any questions, please use our Contact Form to contact me directly--I'm the "website feedback" item.