Laura Raney

FHI 360 | Senior Technical Officer

Laura Raney has over twenty years’ experience in international health and development, focusing on family planning/reproductive health, health economics, and gender. Laura manages and implements FHI 360’s contributions to the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project, including coordination of country-based activities and development of Toolkits, which are electronic reference libraries on various topics (see, for example, Laura is co-chair of the Health Information and Publications Network (HIPNet) and co-founder and co-chair of the mHealth Working Group. Laura also serves on the Advisory Committee of the Global Health Knowledge Collaborative (formerly the Knowledge Management Working Group) and is the former co-chair of the Postabortion Care (PAC) Consortium.

Prior to joining FHI 360 in 2009, Laura worked for a number of international development organizations including the Population Council and the World Bank. She holds a Masters of Social Science in Demography and Economics from the University of Waikato, New Zealand and a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Maryland. She is a native English speaker with intermediate French (reading and speaking) and has work experience in over a dozen countries in Africa and the Middle East.